Are You Ready For Your Success in 2010?

Therese’s Coaching Checklist:

Create a New Mindset

  • Clear your mind of sloppy thinking; weed the weeds in your mind.
  • Go on a media/news diet!

Tune into Your Inspiration and Test Your Gut

  • Learn how to listen for creative new ideas
  • Test your gut, ‘Does this feel right?’
  • Develop a track record so you can trust yourself, and sense when to trust others.

Say What Needs to be Said

  • Say it with Confidence, Say it with Clarity, Say it So People Can Hear it
  • Speak Your Truth with Courage
  • Learn to Communicate Thru Anger and Conflict Resolution.
  • Say It in Your Own Individual Style.
  • Learn to Speak in the Media
  • Present Well, in Style, Manner, and Sound
  • Learn what your Body Language is Saying, and what Other People’s Energy is telling you
  • Express your Business, your Artistry, your Convictions without letting ‘what people think’ hold you back
  • Speak Up in Personal Relationships

Build Trust

  • In yourself, others, and your ability to build bridges of understanding and navigate adverse life situations

Understand Human Nature

  • First, your own! Then, learn to put yourself in others’ shoes, and see why people do the things they do

Let Go of the Old

  • Lose what no longer serves and clear the space for the good

Find Your Power

  • Track and restore lost power. Where did you lose your power? We’ll take it back!

Develop Leadership Skills

  • When you act with Confidence, Courage, Candor, and an easy sense of Yourself, you develop the qualities people find to be Charismatic.
  • People like to follow a leader. People want to give you support.

Bottom Line: Change the Way You Communicate

When you change the way you communicate, your energy changes in a way people can feel. As you change, people and situations around you change, for the better

les_paul300When your ‘Oprah Moment’ arrives, will you be prepared and polished to shine?

PREPARE FOR YOUR SUCCESS – Book your Communication and Coaching sessions with Therese now.

As the legendary Les Paul taught Therese, in his humorous way,

‘If you’re going to rob the bank, better make sure the gun is loaded!’

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