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Therese’s New Year’s Message for 2014: The Power of Making a Decision

>Isn’t Power and a sort of joyful Peace of Mind what we all want?
Unfortunately, Peace of Mind doesn’t come by escaping life’s problems. We are often over-powered.
There’s no nirvana on a mountaintop-there is no escape. The only way out is through.
Sometimes what is required to find your power, is simply:
to Make a [...]

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Therese 4 Oprah

On her personal experience as a broadcaster and voice artist with communication, creativity, healing, and ‘karmic relationships’

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Are You Ready For Your Success in 2010?

Therese’s Coaching Checklist:
Create a New Mindset

Clear your mind of sloppy thinking; weed the weeds in your mind.
Go on a media/news diet!

Tune into Your Inspiration and Test Your Gut

Learn how to listen for creative new ideas
Test your gut, ‘Does this feel right?’
Develop a track record so you can trust yourself, and sense when to trust others.

Say [...]

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