Celestial September Big BirthdayLove

celestial_postTHANK you THANK you THANK you all- wishing you miracles big and small!

What a week in September, a week of celestial firepower:

Tuesday is the Archangels Feast Day,

Sts Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, bringing protection, messages, and healing-

The Little Flower, St Therese of Lisieux’s Feast Day Thursday, she who said

‘I will spend my heaven doing good on earth’,

and in between, I get to have a birthday!

I’ve been honored to be called ‘an honorary Jew’ by many of my friends, with a birthday falling, as it often does, amidst the Jewish New Year season. Funny, yesterday a non-observant friend said, ‘Shouldn’t you be in Temple?’ I had to explain, ‘I’m a Catholic girl, and a Eucharistic Minister even, but isn’t it all the same? I mean, didn’t Catholics start out as Jews?!’

So may all of our ‘atonement’

Bring us a new at-one-ment!

If you see signs of roses, or miracles…say, unexpected sports or Springsteen tix,

a new job, found money, solutions to structural problems, new love or old friends—

thank our heavenly helpers!

And my birthday thanks to all the earthly helpers too—big birthday love to you—

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