Changing Your Life

house_postWhen you begin to live according to the truth inside you, things will change around you. The old structures not based on integrity and truth will begin to crumble; your relationship, your work, your family structure, even the amount of money you make will shift. It could be a painful process, but hang on—the life you want is just beyond. You are building a palace beyond the shambles.

How do you replace what is falling away? Surround yourself with people who love and respect you. Leave the places where they don’t love and respect you. You will be able to feel it, now that you’ve learned to discern and tune into feelings and emotions. There is plenty of good energy in the world. Your job is to find it, and to protect yourself against the whirling dervishes who would unload their madness on you..

You may now be given a choice—you may be presented with the exact same old situation with new people, or the old people and situations may come back, changed by one or two degrees. Your job is to hold steady and hold on to the new values. Don’t worry, you are not stuck in an endless repeating cycle—this is just the question, ‘Are you sure you want change? Because you can have whatever you want’. So hold steady, don’t fall back, and what is not in integrity will fall away. It may feel like the same old place, but it’s not. The ancient Greeks saw life as an ascending spiral. When you feel like you’re back in the same old spot, you actually are seeing it from a higher perspective.

You may have to put a hold on relationships, or scale back your economic desires for awhile, and you may be lonely at times, but you will never want for anything. The money you have is there to take care of you now. You can make more money later, so don’t worry about keeping up with your old economic status for now. That will fall into place when you find your rightful place. You may make more money than you ever dreamed later, or you will find abundance in ways that you never discovered before. And it will be good practice, to see how much stuff you really don’t need,now that you’re not caught up in the trappings of the old life, and how the Universe, ‘(the Lord) works in mysterious ways, his wonders to provide.’ It will be good practice and give you great strength to see that you can live thru the fear of economic insecurity. Because, think of all the things you used to do to compromise yourself, your health, your happiness, just to make or hang onto money. We don’t have to live that way anymore. And—remember to be thankful for what you do have, because a thankful heart can change your attitude for a whole day. You can be thankful that the job, relationship, didn’t kill you while you were still in bondage!

Now is the time to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Is there work, or a company, that holds up to your vision and your values? Or, can you create that company with like-minded people? In the meantime, is there interesting work you can do to make money where people are passing thru—look for the places that addictions run rampant—in stores, casinos, restaurants, or places where people gather or travel. Again, don’t worry, people won’t look funny at you and say how far you’ve fallen. Quite the contrary—when I left the airwaves, and worried that people would think I’d really lost it, I found out they really thought what an interesting, freedom-filled life I had.

This change is God’s way of getting you back into the flow of a different kind of life, meeting new people in new situations, getting new eyes on the world, and giving you a new kind of humility. Humility does not mean humiliation. It means understanding your right place in the world. You may need work where you can see the world go by for awhile, to see how you fit into it, and to see reflected back, how special you really are.

And perhaps, how badly you were treated, when you lived just to make money. You will gravitate to your right place. Just don’t get stuck at home, and on the reverse, don’t do anything that makes you feel ‘less than’. Besides, as a famous friend once told me, upon my suffering complete career humiliation, ‘It’s good to be humbled. It gives people sympathy for you. It lets people love you.’ You will be surprised, where your support comes from.

It’s not easy in this world, to live according to values. But that’s no excuse for not doing it. In your heart you know what’s right. Act on it, and you will be protected and taken care of, always.

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