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class_postAn illustrative story from the life of Marilyn Monroe, recounted in ‘The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe’:

“ ‘You’re going to be a great star’ Hyde said. ’I know. Many years ago I discovered a girl like you and brought her to Metro—Lana Turner. You’re better. You’ll go farther. You’ve got more!’

‘Then why can’t I get a job?’ Marilyn asked. ‘Just to make enough to eat on.’

‘It’s hard for a star to get an eating job,’ Johnny said. ‘A star is only good as a star. You don’t fit into anything less.’ “

You are destined to do something truly wonderful with your life. We all are. We came here on a great mission. In the eyes of the world, it may be big, it may be small, but it’s big and wonderful to you. Your life’s mission may be to learn to speak up in the face of injustice—or your life’s mission may be to be a painter, or president of the United States, a writer of real-to-life fiction, a builder who makes people dreams brick by brick, or the most inspirational teacher your kids will ever know. Only your soul knows what you came here to do, and your soul is guiding you to a blaze of glory. Destiny will open the doors on time, like clockwork, and all you have to do is be present in the moments of your life, so you will be prepared to walk thru when the opportunity presents itself. Your life begins anew every day. Just don’t be deterred by the voices of fear down the hall, saying ‘don’t you dare walk thru that door.’ Even past ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’ only serve to deliver you to this moment.

False humility will get you nowhere. Literally. Humbling yourself beneath what you came here to do does neither the world nor you any favors. Maybe you haven’t succeeded yet, not because you haven’t ‘humbled yourself enough’ yet, but because you haven’t dreamed BIG enough yet. Reach for the stars. Forget the ‘eating’ job. You will eat.

If it is truly the case that you are here to do something wonderful, you may ask, why am I struggling?

Because as Daryl Kojak, musician and arranger is fond of saying,

‘If making a record were easy, everybody would have one!’

You came here to do something in your life. Perhaps you’ve known since you were a child, that you were to do something really, really big. You ask yourself, if that’s the case, why haven’t I done it yet? Because, maybe the future you felt, that you saw, is still in the future. Maybe you haven’t met the right people yet, picked up the right book, lived thru the necessary learning experiences, accessed all the right combinations to bring that fortune into fruition. Maybe it hasn’t happened—yet. But it’s coming—as long as you keep on believing, and don’t ever give up.

I ask people, ‘What is the thing you have known since a child that you came here to do?’ And they always, always have an answer. It’s usually something along the lines of, ‘I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m here to help people in some way that has to do with….’and with further questioning, you find out, they DO know exactly what it is..just not what it looks like.

How do you follow your greatness, when you don’t know the way? When you don’t know what it looks like? Here we reach the principles of manifestation in the energy world—you may not know what it looks like, but you know what it feels like. It involves doing something that you love to do. Think about what those things are, the things people say you’re good at, that make you happy. Put yourself in that feeling for a moment,. Now, again, how do you follow your greatness, when you don’t know the way? You follow those things that make you feel wonderful to do.

Some practices will have you to visualize exactly what you want, and they’ll have you create a ‘wheel of fortune’, a montage of pictures. Yes, seeing that wheel is powerful, it impresses the subconscious with the desires you’re striving for. But what if you don’t know the whole picture? None of us ever really does. As much as we think we know, nobody gets to know what happens in the future, until, surprise! Visualization is beautiful, but action is the key. You may have a feeling you’re going to the White House—but years before, you don’t know if you’re going to be the President, the first Spouse, or the Press Secretary. This is where action is key: you won’t get anywhere unless you hang around the political process or political people, or spend time doing whatever you love, that will attract those people to your skills. If the thought of being with that kind of people makes your heart sink, maybe it’s not for you.

There’s a saying of encouragement we’ve all heard, ‘Take heart.’

There’s another saying, “Follow your heart.’

The feelings of your heart, your body, the truth inside, are the surest guides on your path.

Your feelings are like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs on the path.

What makes us feel happy, light, and free is right for us.

What makes us feel sick, heavy, and negative is not.

Take the feel test. Think of the most negative person or work environment you know. How do you feel when you’re around them?

Early in recovery, I was told, ‘Surround yourself with people who love and respect you.’

And, ‘Stick with the winners.’ This is good advice in life, and in business. You don’t need scientific instruments to judge positive energy. You have a built in receptor.

You know who these people are. You feel good around them—unless, you’re caught in the vortex of the negative ego. And then, no matter how otherwise good it feels, no matter what other ego boost it gives you, you will feel slightly sick about it, slightly less-than, sucking up, unnaturally nervous, or not good enough. There’s a positive ego, who helps us to survive and succeed in the world. And there’s a negative ego, whose greatest tool is fear and doubt. The negative ego takes on many guises. We are learning to feel our way thru discernment.

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