Football Intelligence (FBI)– Roar of the Jets

footballX300Have you had a feeling you would run into someone? Or sensed there was someone behind you? Call it Football Intelligence (FBI) – a kind of a sixth sense – and it’s all about communication.

Guys usually scoff at words like ‘intuitive’, but not on GameDay. Tune into any great quarterback. It’s as if they have eyes in the back of their heads, the way they sense hits coming from behind. New England’s Tom Brady, for example. Even Greg Gumbel on CBS was waxing poetic last Sunday, ‘What intuitive feeling by Brady to duck the blindside hit…’

You put that kind of radar together with teamwork, a lot of people operating in the same sixth-sense group-mind, and anything is possible…

How do you manage that kind of radar in motion? Just ask the new guy at the helm of the NY Jets, Coach Rex ‘It’s All About Communication’ Ryan.

Call it ‘The Roar of the Jets’- Sunday’s Jets win over the Patriots was a wild example from Ryan’s playbook, of how communication actually affects physical reality. (cuz you can’t get much more physical than football…)

Step One: Create a wall of sound. Call all season ticketholders, ask them to BE LOUD.

Step Two: If communication is about clarity, confuse the quarterback, with both sound and motion, running different patterns.

As the ESPN Radio play-by play guys put it: ‘You want to confuse Tom Brady. If Tom Brady knows what you’re doing, you’re in for a long day…’

And this is what happens: long-suffering Jets fans say, this Jets game is the loudest in 30 years—so loud, the Stadium was shaking…

The Patriots on the field literally can’t hear, forcing them to call at least two time outs leading to delay-of-games. Interviewed later, the Jets figured the wall of sound created by the crowd was worth at least 3-4 of the penalties called against the Patriots.

Over and over, the Jets say, the crowd became the 12th man on the field…

And the Jets frustrate the great Tom Brady to no-touchdowns, giving their new quarterback Mark Sanchez a safe space to settle in and get comfortable, and win16-9,

Communication and teamwork by the crowd, inspired Coach Ryan to give the gameball the CROWD, how wild is that?

And if the Jets’ Ryan is all about communication, New England’s Bill Belichick is typically all about not communicating. When asked the reason for the delays of game,

(like, was it the roar of the Jets’ fans??)Belichik responds ‘We didn’t get the play off in time…’like the old-school tight lipped FBI guy, not gonna get any information here…

(Altho he is said to be notorious for having his people search the Internet for quotes from opponents, and using those words as fuel to inflame his players…)

People say all the time, communication doesn’t matter, it’s what you DO. But as we see, communication is actually the master key to energy.

If Football is about playing the communication game within the pattern.

scoring is about using communication to break free of any pattern. That’s the method we use here, energy and communication.

Football is like life. Football Intelligence always applies, to break free of the old patterns that keep you from reaching the endzone. And always, there’s the 12th man, a kind of invisible power just waiting in the wings. With teamwork and communication, you’ve got a shot, to break the sound barrier, and make the stadium rock!

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