G2 on The Flu

flu3_Post First, think of it like a snakebite:

It’s just the poison boiling up to be healed.

And, it’s the greatest detox you could ask for. I saw this, tending to my boyfriend—he was so sweet, he said, ‘It’s not safe! Aren’t you afraid of getting sick? And I said, ‘I work at the hospital every week–I’m not afraid of you!’ And I didn’t get sick—for a whole week… (sigh….)

You can look at getting sick as, S*** Happens, which is a valid point of view. But, in my training as a Certified Intuitive Healer, I’ve worked with the energetics of illness.

Two bits of wisdom for you to consider in your own life, adapted from my old teacher at Stillpoint, Meredith Young-Sowers: (www.stillpoint.org)

The lungs are the place where we hold the greatest grief. And the gut is the place where we hold fear, including financial fear, when we are afraid to let go.

Where do you need to let go and be cleared? Grief in your lungs? Fear in your gut? Let go of worry, projecting negatively for the future? Nothing makes you stay in the day more than getting sick, facing that cabin fever in your mind, letting it go and letting healing clear out the pockets of the body where we hold onto the past.

So think of the bug as some retro Pac Man, or Ms Pac Man, a helpful little bug gobbling up the poison of the past, so we can let go and trust the present to carry us into the future, healed, and ready for a brand new day…whatever it brings…

Y’know, you learn a lot about people when they’re sick.

What’s your sick-style?

Do you let other people tend to you in love, or make them stay away? And do you tend to the people you love, even tho you may get sick yourself?

Just a thought- you can’t believe how close you feel to someone who lets you in, even tho they’re sick. It builds a special bond.

The good news is, even if you get sick, we’re all in this, detoxing together!

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