Game Plan For Miracles


People are feeling their stuff, and feeling it deeply. But beyond that-‘ Is there something else going on?’ People keep asking me, because I’m tuned in, and have something of a track record on these issues.

‘Is it the change of weather? ‘ – people ask. That’s a very good question. When the earth tilts and the light shifts dramatically in the sky, we would be affected simply because we are in bodies. Our pineal glands, buried deep behind the ‘third eye,’ the seat of wisdom, are reading the light, processing everything, differently.

Then, the carnal mind says, ‘Summer’s gone, and nothing much seems to have changed for the better in the economy, has it?” and it’s natural to feel blue, or…

I can’t tell you the number of people who’ve shared with me, they’ve been deep in their stuff, whatever it is, since about last Friday.

Friday, interestingly enough, was the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah, where the custom is, (and I’m just a Catholic girl with friends of many faiths) to cast your shortcomings into the water and start the year with a clean slate. This leads into the time of atonement in a week, Yom Kippur.

But is there something else going on? One of the visions I was shown about 9/11 is this:

We would all be given the grace to give up our old stuff, our old core issues, once and for all…

We have all made mistakes, and for many of us, in particular, financial mistakes.

We thought things would get better, living in the optimism of better days ahead, when hidden forces were at work. Was that so wrong, to be optimistic? Unfortunately, the thought leads to the great statement of regret:

‘If only I had….

Like putting a pinprick in your balloon, or a nail in your tire, nothing will deflate your energy like ‘If only I had’. I know: my tire just blew out! Isn’t that the way of life?

‘If I knew what would happen, I’d know what to do!’ But, we don’t know. We can never know for sure…that’s part of being human, and creating this world with each other.

So, here is the good news:

‘We are already saved…’

I’ve seen it happen often enough, to give me this deep and abiding faith to share with you. I get it everywhere from the Apostle Paul, to A Course In Miracles. Here’s how it works, in practical reality:

When you believe in a power greater than money, and align your life with the help of a

something greater than yourself, something good, call it God, or Love, or the Organizing Energy, miracles are available. Life can turn on a dime. Suddenly, the rules of ‘the world’ no longer apply. And even when they do, we are always taken care of…

That is the spiritual underpinning, of the practical reality of today:

The only way out is through.

So here’s the game plan for going through:

-Accept where we are today, and our part in it, knowing that it looked like the right thing to do at the time.

-Accept our feelings about it.

-Ask for the courage to do whatever it is you need to do today. Pray, make a list, ask into the air, however seems right to you.

-Then give up worry – and move into ‘action, and still more action’…

-Say what needs to be said.

-Do what needs to be done.

-Give up the outcome, and believe in the promise, that ‘we have already been saved…’.

-And look for the miracle.

The miracle may be a helpful person, place or event, a shift in perception, or the courage to face the music, when you never had that kind of courage before. Or, the miracle may present itself as an energy so unusual, or a stroke of fortune so profound, you know it must come from something bigger than you.

In this world, the only way out is through—but we can get thru it together.

So remember, with each one of us under maximum pressure — remember to be kind.

You never know at whose hands the miracle will occur…

quite possibly, yours, if you are open to believing……

Don’t stop believing.

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