Say It—for Love or Money

(adapted from Love & Energy: Changing the Pattern)

love_or_money_postIn a tangled romantic situation, a line I remember from a TV show about heroes in hiding,

Smallville, says it all—

‘Sometimes people do things that you don’t expect and you don’t understand—

and sometimes they have a really good reason for it. ‘

There we have the heart of human relations, in its simple beating mystery.

You can spin around in crazy arrhythmia —because anytime you’re living in the beat of—

‘Why do people DO the things they DO? What is he/she thinking?’

you WILL go crazy…because, you can never, ever know…

Or, you can return to yourself, restore your own rhythm, get some business and mind it. While you ponder, get busy, change the focus, and create—

‘more will be revealed’, as the saying goes.

This is the key to relationship/creativity coaching from ChannelTherese.

And meanwhile, you will bring forth something beautiful from yourself.

As the saying goes, living well is the best revenge. Well, living well is an excellent principle, but the motive of revenge, can harden your heart.

The truest, greatest motive for love or money, is self actualization:

becoming the person you were meant to be.

The Gnostic gospels bring a blessing and a warning:

‘If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will set you free.

If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.’

So with this motivation, we turn to business, and learning to say what needs to be said…because the same issues of expression that hold you back in love, will hold you back in business and the creative life.

And it all comes down to value:

I am worthwhile.

I am valuable.

I am worthy.

And you can say it with me, and see what feelings come up in your body when you do:

I am worthwhile.

I am valuable.

I am worthy.

I am a gift to the world.

I am a blessing to the world.

That last one is a little tough to get with, isn’t it?

When I was in training as a Certified Intuitive Healer at Stillpoint, learning new ways to see and feel and heal energy, after many years in the sometimes-brutal New York Broadcast business, all the classes had names. So instead of being say, the class of ’01, we were the ‘Blessings.’ We really had to grow into that. It felt, y’know, embarrassing…not something I could ever say on the air…but…

What if you and I really are a blessing to the world? With a gift to bring?

People say all the time, to deflate your ego,

‘What makes you think you’re so special? You’re not special. Nobody is special.’

As a broadcaster we were commonly told, ‘You’re only as good as your last airshift.’

Hearing that kills your spirit a little bit, doesn’t it?

The ego-deflaters are often cruel to themselves, or disappointed in themselves, or jealous, or have a misguided sense of how to inspire a person to their greatness. Because you have greatness, within you—greatness that will express itself in big or little ways.

We are each of us, unique, with a special gift to bring the world, which only we can bring.

Shakespeare said it—‘But above all else, to thine own self be true.

The world will not be complete, without the part we play. Every part in this passion play is essential to the wholeness of the world, so that means no one part is more, or less, important.

Just like a puzzle, without any one piece, the wholeleness is missing. Doesn’t matter if it’s the castle turret or a piece of the sky, a hole in the wholeness is still a hole, a missing piece, that must be found, before we can all be whole.

We’re here to restore our missing pieces, thru expression. And our little part just might save the world. But first we have to tune in, the find the missing pieces, which will bring about and restore our missing peace. We’re tuning in for inspiration, healing, creativity—and the courage to bring it forth. Because, as A Course In Miracles tells us, ‘My salvation comes from me’—and you are way more powerful than you know.

This is the Daily Channel Method of tuning in:

Who am I, and what do I want?

Say what needs to be said.

And let go of the outcome.

Take the actions you’re inspired to take.

And every day, create: we get to create heaven or hell each day.

And because heaven is within this moment, but we can create hell in our minds,

we have this one simple trick to restore heaven at any given time:

In a jam, pause, breathe, hold the mind steady in the light, and say,

‘God, show me another way of looking at this.’

You don’t even have to know who God is. Just try it as our little experiment, see what happens, and get back to me with your results…

If you want to take it to the next level, reach out to me for your coaching plan…

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