The Beach and 10/11: Don’t Worry – (Being Happy)

A day at the beachWeekend at the beach! Awesome! What I really mean is, awe-inspiring—the 9/11 storm

totally re-worked the NJ shore at Point Pleasant, exposing the bottom that used to be a shallow shelf for body-surfing off-shore, and creating a wall of sand, like an ocean-view arena for spectators, like the cliffs of Cape Cod!

And Tim the cop, surveying the ocean from his red ATV on the beach says,

‘In another month, it’ll all be smoothed out.’

In these parts, summer lingers at least another week beyond Labor Day, and the memory of beautiful and haunting perfect sunny September weather…

So before the weekend, Jimmy the Trader was in the smoke shop, and looked at the headline on the newspaper.

He said to the guy who runs the place,

‘9/11 again? Somehow I didn’t realize.’

The guy replies,

‘9/11? 10/11! The world is coming to an end!’

Jimmy says, ‘What are you talking about?’

And the guy points to another headline on a tabloid-

‘ 10/11 The World Comes to an End!’ Or something like that.

An amusing thought occurs to me, which I think will make you happy too, as

Jimmy is telling the story.

Instead of a perfect sunny 2001 September day, 9/11 happened this year on the rainy grey Friday that re-arranged the beach,. Alot of folks who were here when the Towers fell were surprisingly set back again this year, like the pain broke thru all the years of healing. This break-thru sadness was a phenomenon I took note of, to let people know, to provide comfort, in case they felt unusually set back too. If you felt that way, you’re not alone.

But as I’ve learned thru experience, this is the way of healing—pain is simply the poison boiling up to be released.

And here’s the funny thought that occurs to me:

If the world comes to an end 10/11, then — there’s nothing to worry about!

Imagine that! All your problems—GONE! Poof! No more worries about the state of the economy or making a living, much less the Amex payment, no more worries about family or health or money, because it will all be done! Just like the beach at Point Pleasant, re-made in one day!

That leaves only the question:

Can I enjoy my time today?

Did you have a good summer? Doesn’t matter. Fall can be awesome. Time lost and time past doesn’t matter, we are here now, and healing happens in its own perfect time.

‘To everything a season turn turn turn…’

Sunday, I was going to cheap-out on myself, stay at home, ‘work work work’ to make up for lost time. But Eric, who looks for all the world like a surfer-dude in spite of being born and bred in NJ, says ‘Go to the beach! It may be one of the last nice days…’ So I went.

If I hadn’t gone, I never would have seen the wall of sand, the beach re-made, and been there by happenstance for the annual Offshore Boat Races! All of that noise, and all of that sound -(‘all those places I got found’, to quote Cold Play)

This morning, still glad I went, in spite of the anxious hustle of Monday morning. Somehow I’m not as anxious as Monday. I hear the crickets singing in that cool; dewy September way. Today is another day, and good things could happen today. No matter what President Obama brings, visiting Wall Street to mark Lehman Brothers meltdown a year ago today. Today is a new day.

Neil the Lawyer says, ‘What I came to this year is, I’m not guaranteed tomorrow.

I don’t control anything, but how I spend my time today. So I refuse to waste my time worrying anymore. I’ll take care of what I need to take care of and let it go. I don’t control what happens with it anyway. ’

Imagine all that worry time, freed up!

So today’s about taking care of business. And then, how will I spend my time, to enjoy today?

For me, what this year has come down to, is totally new -maybe it is for you too-

It’s about being happy.

The Daily Channel is dedicated to finding and creating that happiness here, now, today, together. We’re happy you’re here.

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Therese Crowley February 6, 2014 at 11:53 am

Thanks very much!
Blessings to you …

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