Therese’s New Year’s Message for 2014: The Power of Making a Decision

>Isn’t Power and a sort of joyful Peace of Mind what we all want?

Unfortunately, Peace of Mind doesn’t come by escaping life’s problems. We are often over-powered.
There’s no nirvana on a mountaintop-there is no escape. The only way out is through.
Sometimes what is required to find your power, is simply:
to Make a Decision. To find a way to see life differently.

By Making a Decision, power flows-anxiety dissipates. By facing life eyes wide open, taking the next right action, and finding the words to speak your peace, the energy moves you to a new place.

It happened for me, one January 1st, 22 years ago.

As a New York and Network Broadcaster, I have spent time with people in their most public moments, and their most private, as they experienced dramatic reversals of fortune. When it happened to me, I learned first-hand the inner fortitude that is required to stay the course, and change your life.
I learned through the voice of experience, the power of intellect, practical spirituality, and strategic action.

We all have assisting forces, here and beyond. In my experience as a Certified Intuitive Healer, I have seen that we each have someone looking out for us ‘on the other side.’ As one who is dedicated as a clear channel of communication, let me help you tune in, and find your power, which brings the the most elusive reward of all…the peace of mind that makes way for a certain kind of joyfulness you never could have expected!

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