TWA: Travel With Angels

TWA: Travel With Angels’ by Therese Crowley

Back in the glamour days of airline travel, my Mom, Cecelia, was a stewardess with Trans World Airlines. The love of her life had been killed in the war, the big one, WWII, so she took to the skies to find joy in living again. There at TWA, she met my Dad, Bob, who would become the lead mechanic at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, later, the supervisor of all aircraft maintenance.

You would know them both by their smiles, and the smiles in their eyes. Cecelia was the kindest woman you could ever meet, a remarkable kindness coupled with tolerance above and beyond even her keen intellect. A Minnesota farm girl, she was somehow possessed of an uncommon worldly flair.

Bob Crowley, Army Air CorpsDad never had a Father; his own Dad had died before he was even born on the South Side of Chicago. My Dad had an Irish sparkle and a sixth sense. He was a perfectionist; his work mattered, and his planes didn’t crash. He passed away one Memorial Day, not many years ago.

My Mom, Cecelia, passed last week, August 7th, 2 days after what would have been their 60th wedding anniversary. We buried her last Friday.

In the wisdom of her younger years, Mom had made a decision to replace her sadness with joy, and to bring love into life again. No matter what life handed her to endure, she taught me the power of making the decision to go on.

Mom had gone on to become a reference librarian, and a teacher till the day she died; even the hospice workers were saying, ‘She’s teaching us all the way to go out of this world.’ Her passing was not easy, until it ended in grace. She helped many of the women who cared for her to process feelings about the passing of their own Moms.

Mom and Dad both had a deep and abiding faith in God. Every time I went home to visit, Dad would always get out his prayer book and show me the prayer cards of the friends and relatives who had passed. I used to think it was morbid – until sometime after he died, I realized, he had been getting help from all those friends on the other side.

Now Mom has joined him, and them.

Back in the day, the saying went, ‘TWA-Travel With Angels.’
When you fly, or while traveling thru any of the difficult passages in life, please feel free to call on Cecelia and Bob for extra help -
I’m sure they will help you find the way to ‘ Travel With Angels. ‘

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Felice August 24, 2010 at 12:44 pm

This is the most beautiful tribute anyone could have!!

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