Viva la Revolution…

Sarkozy_300Think of the world as a great big mirror; we hold it up to each other, and the energy of our thoughts play out across the mirror, or sometimes, the ocean. And today in the waves, how’s this for funny? Just as many of us are feeling this post-9/11 ‘revelation’ this year, that in life, really,

It’s about being happy….

Comes word from across the Atlantic, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is asking world leaders to join a ‘revolution’


Wow, what?!?! Use happiness, leisure time, freedom from prison, freedom from debt, along with productivity, hours worked, wealth created?

Some ideas are divinely seeded…all we have to do is clear the channel, get out of the way, and have the courage to speak, no matter how crazy it sounds. But don’t you just love the French, for having both the courage and the whimsy to say it, knowing exactly how the grey-suit economists would respond? And this report comes from two Nobel economists!

Delivered beneath one of the world’s most beautiful pastoral paintings at the Sorbonne:

“A great revolution is waiting for us.”

(And don’t the French know about fomenting revolutions, theirs and ours?)

“For years, people said that finance was a formidable creator of wealth, only to discover one day that it accumulated so many risks that the world almost plunged into chaos.”

(And for the people who want to castigate him for being a crazy dreamer, Sarkozy has a John Lennon-esque response: Imagine)

“The crisis doesn’t only make us free to imagine other models, another future, another world. It obliges us to do so,”

AP Business writer Emma Vandore points out that France, known for its leisurely meals, long vacations and labor protections could outshine much of the world on ‘happiness…’

Sarkozy will apparently try to persuade other world leaders to sign on at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh…

Now, I’m not saying this is good or bad, but just imagine–

if we had to try to compete with the French, on ways of being happy…

that would be a revolution, wouldn’t it?

We could all eat cake!

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